If you have received a traffic ticket in Alameda County and are heading to the Hayward traffic ticket Court, this page is for you.  We are Hayward Traffic ticket Attorneys/Lawyers that are dedicated to defending motorists against wrongfully issued Hayward traffic tickets.  The firm has been dedicated to defending Hayward traffic tickets for almost 12 years.  Mr. Rodriguez is the best traffic ticket attorney in California and the best Hayward traffic ticket Attorney/Lawyer that you can hire.  If your license, insurance rates or livelihood is at stake, then you can do no better!

The Hayward Traffic Court is currently presided over by Commissioner Hall.  As with any traffic ticket that you may receive, one of the most important facts that you must research is your audience. In the case of a Hayward traffic ticket/citation, it is important to understand how Commissioner Hall will react to the particular facts in your case. Our office has had extensive dealings with the Hon. Commissioner Hall, this information is extremely helpful in defending Hayward traffic ticket cases.

It is also important to know the police departments (i.e. Hayward Police Department, Newark Police Department) that issue Hayward traffic tickets.  Some have policies that may impact the way a case is handled in Court. As the old saying goes, knowledge is power!

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