Airplane traffic tickets are unusual but they do happen.  The good news is that it is a very costly prosecution due to the amount of resources that the government must spend in order to get one citation.  They must fuel a plane, pay a pilot, sometimes a co-pilot, pay a ground patrol man, all must show in Court.  You get the general idea.

The cost becomes greater when you challenge your case in Court, it becomes even greater when we are involved as your attorney.  The reason is that now you are also taking up Court resources and you are also making them do further work due to your discovery request.  So as you can see airplane prosecutions for speeding really don't make sense.  Add to this the fact that visual enforcement is a better deterrent to speeders and speeders can not see a plane (usually).

If you have been issued a speeding ticket by a CHP airplane we can help.  We have defended many of these allegations and have been extremely successful at finding a way to get the case dismissed.  Call us to discuss your matter and for a free evaluation of your case.