We have created this page to provide valuable information to anyone who has received a Marin traffic ticket or traffic ticket in Marin.  Marin County is a large county and contains many cities within, However no matter where you were cited for a Marin traffic ticket your case will always be heard out of the San Rafael Court House.  Below are several pieces of information that you should know if you have been cited for a traffic ticket in Marin County:

  1. All cases are heard at the Frank Lloyd Wright's building - Marin County Superior Court.  So if you have been cited for a: Traffic ticket in Sausalito; traffic ticket in Mill Valley; traffic ticket in Stinson Beach; traffic ticket in Tiburon; traffic ticket in Larkspur; traffic ticket in San Rafael; traffic ticket in Kentfield; traffic ticket in Ross; traffic ticket in Novato; traffic ticket in Greenbrae; traffic ticket in Corte Madera; or a traffic ticket in Belvedere, then you have come to the right place.
  2. All traffic cases are heard out of Department N on the "Court Floor".
  3. The Traffic Division of the Marin County Superior Court is located in the Court Floor.
  4. There are three Commissioners that may hear your case: Hon. William Hochman, Hon. Harvey Goldfine and Hon. Randolph Heubach.  You should make sure that you do your research on them as each will handle a Marin traffic case very differently.
  5. Marin will suspend your driver's license if you are caught speeding on the Golden Gate Bridge.
  6. Certain traffic violations may require a Mandatory appearance.
  7. You should always, whenever you qualify, do a trial by Declaration.  See the reasons here.
  8. Marin Traffic Court accepts online traffic school.

If you are looking for a Marin Traffic Attorney, or Marin Traffic Lawyer, that knows how to successfully handle cases in the Marin Court, then your search is over.  We have been successfully defending Marin traffic cases for close to 12 years.  We specialize in traffic matters and know the Cases, Judges and the law better than anyone.

If your license is at stake or just simply want to keep your insurance rates from going up, then we can help. Feel free to browse our traffic ticket defense area on this website for very useful general information.  Call us today at, (415) 378-4133, to speak to one of our two Attorneys who will offer you a free case evaluation!  Marin Traffic Court is a tough place, do not go at it alone, chances are you will lose.  Call us and get a Knowledgeable Marin Traffic Attorney on your side to get an edge on your case!

12/01/2009 UPDATE:

Marin County gets it's first red light camera city!  The City of San Rafael has now installed San Rafael red light cameras.  Beware the cameras are now fully operational and are past the warning period.  These are very difficult cases to handle for a non-Attorney as they involve complex evidentiary issues.  If you are looking for a San Rafael red light camera Attorney/Lawyer, we can help.  We have been fighting red light camera citations for years.  We are up to date on all issues that can be raised successfully in order to defeat these illegal prosecutions. Call us today and we will be happy to discuss all defenses available against a San Rafael red light camera citation/ticket.

05/01/2012 UPDATE:

Judicial Officer Frank Drago has been newly appointed to hear traffic matters in Marin County.  He is replacing Judicial Officer Beverly Woods as the new appointee.  We look forward to working with Judicial Officer Drago and his sense for justice.  If you have received a traffic ticket in Marin County and are looking for a Marin County Traffic Attorney who has experience and knows what it takes to win, call Attorney Rodriguez today: 415 378-4133.