If you have been cited for a traffic ticket in Contra Costa County, have been assigned to the Walnut Creek Court and are looking for the best walnut creek traffic ticket Attorney or best Walnut Creek traffic Lawyer, then your search is over.  We created this page to share some information about the way a traffic ticket in Walnut Creek is handled.

First thing you should know is who the players are.  In Walnut Creek the players are:

1) The cops

2) The Commissioner

The Officers in the areas assigned to the Walnut Creek Traffic Court are very conservative.  It is a reflection of the surrounding cities and it's populations. They do not want traffic violators in their streets.  If they feel you are guilty, most officers will pursue your case until they have gotten a conviction!

The Commissioner that normally presides over the Walnut Creek Traffic Court is Commissioner Peter Fagan .  Before you head into any Traffic Court you should investigate your audience.  Your audience is the one who will decide the fate of your case.  Every Commissioner handles cases very differently and you would be foolish to head into any Court without first getting so information about the Judge or Commissioner who will hear your case. 

Again, if you are looking for a Walnut Creek traffic ticket Attorney or a Walnut Creek traffic lawyer, this is what we can tell you:

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