We are often asked why should I hire an attorney and pay more then the ticket costs?  The answer is not so simple.  The first thing that you want to do is to total the fine amount, plus the cost of insurance rates for the life of the point.  Remember every insurance companies bills differently, but most all will take away your good driver discount.  Also, you should know how long the point will stay on your record.  A one point violation will stay for three years.  A two point violation will stay for seven! DMV will suspend your license if you have four points in one year, six points in two years, or eight points in three.


You can, if you are eligible.  In fact traffic school is the only guaranteed and cheapest way to get a point of your record.  So why hire an Attorney if I am eligible?  I know of three reasons: 1) Because when it rains it pours.  This saying is really true for some, if you get one ticket there is a good chance that the next one is right around the corner. I say this only because we have had a slew of clients who have hired us to fight a case, only to come in three weeks later saying they got another.  The problem is that you may burn your traffic school on the wrong citation.  2) You don't want to hassle with attending traffic school.  3) You are a commercial driver.  If you have a commercial license then you cannot do traffic school, even if the citation was issued in your private car.


Like many of our clients who have hired us in the past, if you hire us we will: 

  1. Sign you up for court by the due date - so there is no failure to appear.
  2. Appear in Court for you so that you don't have to.
  3. Do a Trial by Declaration on the case, if the case is eligible.
  4. Prepare the case by pulling all relevant legal Court Opinions, getting photos of intersection
  5. Preparing all applicable motions - including Motions to Dismiss.
  6. Appear for trial as many times as necessary in order to achieve our goal.
  7. Our goal is to first get the case dismissed. 
  8. if we cannot get a dismissal, negotiate the dismissal of the Vehicle Code violation (which appears on your driving record) in exchange for a plea to a local ordinance (it does not appear in your driving record).
  9. If we cannot get either 7 or 8, we will attempt to negotiate the case to a non-point violation in exchange for the dismissal of the point violation (they both appear on the driving record but only the point violation carries a point).
  10. If negotiations are not fruitful, we go to trial!
  11. We will raise all defenses available in your case, raise all the proper objections and make the proper record.

We are one of the oldest firms in California that has been consistently and successfully providing representation to clients in traffic cases.  We have handled thousands of traffic cases and have been in just about every Court in California.  We know all the defenses available for any type of case. From a stop sign citation to DUI charge, we have done it and done it successfully. We know the law better then the others, and we know the Courts - we know who the Judicial officers are (who is fair, who is not) and how they behave. Most importantly we know how to win!