Francisco Rodriguez, best in the business

Posted by: Gino A., a DUI client, 4 months ago.

Client Review:
My name is Gino, 
I was stopped over a year ago for a "DUI", Francisco had the best weapon in hand..... knowledge; With his knowledge, he showed the judge how little evidence the officer and DA had on me to make the DUI stay on my record. Francisco, you are the BEST

He should be called Francisco FightAllYourTickets Rodriguez 'cause he's the one who should be fighting them all

Posted by: Johnny, a Speeding Ticket client, 6 months ago. 

Client Review:
Francisco is the go-to guy if you have any traffic violations. He took my traffic case last minute (due the week after) as well as a second ticket that I received on Christmas of 2010 and took care both of them for me. He is easy to get ahold of, returns calls and emails in a timely manner. He's a very educated man who shares his knowledge with you, even if you don't ask - he tells you what he's doing every step of the way and why hes doing it. Not only did he win both of my tickets, I now have a greater knowledge of the judicial system and why it is important for citizens to fight their tickets. I wish I had a third hand so I could give him a three thumbs up! Thanks again Rodriguez! -Johnny