Federal Charges are very unique in nature.  They are not as common as State offenses  most crimes fall under the jurisdiction of the State.  The rules in Federal Court are very different then the rules in State Court. The punishments are normally very strict and predetermined.  In order to be successful with any federal charge, you must have someone who knows how to properly navigate the system.  The system is complex and unfriendly towards the accused.

If you have been charged with a federal offense, make sure that you call us to discuss your case.  We offer a free consultation and evaluation of your cases.  We know the applicable rules and how to best maneuver your case in the Federal Courts.

Mr. Rodriguez has handled some very complex cases in the Federal Courts, some involving charges in various districts. So, if your freedom is at stake, it would be wise to speak with him directly. Call the office and ask to speak with him, he is more then helpful!