Medical driver license suspensions are unique from a DUI suspension in that the DMV Hearing Officer is not necessarily adversarial.  You are entitled to a hearing to determine the impact of any medical condition on your ability to drive.  Demand one!  The Hearing Officer can be persuaded in these types of hearings that you should get your license back.  The first step towards persuading the DMV that you are a safe and qualfied driver is to have your physician complete the DMV's Driver Medical Evaluation Form (however never submit this form without first having an attorney review the form).  Additionally, if your doctor is willing, it can be extremely beneficial to have them write a brief letter stating that they believe that you are currently qualified medically to drive.  Two steps have proven helpful in accomplishing this:

The issue at these hearings should not focus on why your license was suspended or how much you need a driver's license, nor should it focus on how long you've been driving.  First, the hearing officer's primary concern in these cases is to verify that you will not be a danger on the road to yourself or other drivers.  You need to show through the doctor's letters and your attorney's ability how you are currently improving your driving skills and are a safe driver.  The second and most important point is that your condition, whatever it may be, is under control and will not be a hazard, should you be allowed to drive.