Juvenile crimes, even if the state fails to classify them as crimes, can be very damaging to a young person's future. The rights that are afforded to them are very limited, when compared with adults, yet the consequences many times end up being the same. The parents run the risk of having to pay for having their son or daughter jailed. The kids run the risk of being taken from the home and have their future ruined.  

If you have a child that has been charged with a Juvenile offense: "Delinquent minor" (W&I Code section 602, otherwise known as a "602 petition"), call us.  Make sure that you, or the child, do not speak with the police or any school officials until you have consulted with us. The consultation and case evaluation are free!

It is also extremely important not to speak about the case or the facts of why your son or daughter were arrested over the phone, in person or at any point where the conversations can be recorded.  The reason, they will be recorded and used against him or her.

We handle Juvenile offenses in all Northern California Courts.  We have successfully defended: Contra Costa Juvenile cases; San Francisco Juvenile cases; San Mateo Juvenile cases; Alameda Juvenile cases; Napa Juvenile cases; and Santa Clara Juvenile cases.