If ever you are involved in an accident the law requires that you provide your California Drivers License and proof of financial responsibility.  For one reason or another some people fail to do so.  The reasons are many, from not being at the appropriate place to stop, to not having immigration documents, to simply being afraid of the other driver.  If you have been charged with one of these crimes we can help.  Do not make any statements to anyone and call us before you speak to anyone about the incident!

VC §§16025, 20001 and 20002 require that a driver involved in any accident immediately stop and exchange pertinent information (name, address, vehicle license number, drivers license number and insurance information) with the other party. In the event of an injury accident, if feasible, a driver is also required to give aid and assistance to any other injured party. If no police arrive on the scene, an injury accident may be promptly reported to the CHP. VC §20002 makes it a misdemeanor to fail to stop and exchange information. VC §20001 (failing to stop at an injury accident) may be filed as either a misdemeanor of a felony, depending on the circumstances. In the case of a vehicular manslaughter situation (intoxicated or not) where there is also a Hit & Run offense, there is a five (5) year enhancement added onto any felony sentence (VC §20001(c) - Courtneys Law, 1996).