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Solicitation and Prostitution are serious offenses that carry heavy consequences. The law makes it a crime to offer, agree to or engage in sexual activity for money (this is the definition of Prostitution). Both "John's" and the Prostitute can be charged. The first time offense is usually charged as misdemeanors but subsequent offenses can be charged as felonies. If this has happen to you, you need an Oakland Prostitution Defense Attorney that can help you win your case and avoid all consequences derived from an Oakland Prostitution Charge.

The label applies equally to people in the escort or massage industry and the ramifications of having such a conviction can be life long.  

Thanks to sting operations, many prostitution arrests are made in large cities, such as Oakland and San Francisco.  At any given moment, innocent citizens with no criminal history often find themselves accused and arrested for Solicitation for Prostitution by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Massage parlors and escort services are under high scrutiny because of the long companionship encounters and temptation to ‘cross the line’.

Prostitution Penalties

Your life can radically change with a prostitution, solicitation, pandering, or loitering offense.  The penalties and consequences for these types of sexual offenses can be serious and include the following:

  • Jail
  • Probation
  • Fines & Fees
  • Court-Enforced Counseling
  • AIDS Testing
  • Community Service
  • Caltrans (physical labor)
  • Public humiliation
  • Loss of employment (for those with licenses or security clearances)

Other Penalty Considerations

For final sentencing other factors are considered, such as your criminal historyprior convictions, and current criminal status, including probation or parole.

The War Against Prostitution

California, (especially Alameda and San Francisco Counties) have been cracking down on prostitution and solicitation. Some of the steps taken to prevent it are:

  • Breaking Prostitution Rings - Targeting massage parlors and escort services with regular raids and stings.  The California police will pose as customers in an effort to discover how ‘intimate’ the session will become.  Dozens of arrests are made on a weekly basis from these undercover tactics.
  • Closing Unlawful Websites - Investigating Internet websites that advertise as companionship services.  The legitimacy is questioned and tested by California law enforcement.
  • Performing Sting Operations - Setting up roadside sting operations involving scantily clad, beautiful women who are undercover police officers, for the purpose of luring drivers to stop and talk to the decoys and get them to agree to sex for a price.