Our firm has handled cases from simple possesion, to possesion for sale, to transporting.  The cases we have handled range from an ounce in weight to several pounds of meth.  We have been very succesfull at litigating drug cases and have acquired incredible results for our clients.

Again, (as you will find all over our website) the first thing to do if arrested with anything from under an ounce, to several pounds of any illegal substance, is to remain silent and/or ask for a lawyer.  This remains true during any police questioning as well as at the jail.  Do not discuss your case with other inmates. Do not discuss any details of the case with family members on the phone - all calls are recorded and you must assume that law enforcement is always listening.

Find a competent attorney right away, hire someone you feel comfortable with and that you can trust.  They will be the only ones on your side through a very long journey.  When our firm is retained the first thing we do is visit the Client at the jail.  This will serve two purposes: 1) To put the Client at ease and to let him know someone is on his side. 2) To properly instruct the client to remain silent in case further questioning is attempted by law enforcement, or from a snitch at the jail.  We also make sure that an investigation is commenced immediately.  I you have been arrested for a drug charge and are looking for a criminal defense attorney in San Francisco, Marin, San Mateo or any other San Francisco Bay Area court, call us.  We know what to do and we do it well.