Driving on a suspended license charge may seem minor, but I have seen people go to jail based on these type tickets.  There are several charges that fall under this category.  They range from driving on a suspended license because of too many points, to the most serious driving on a suspended license because of a DUI.

All of these cases have several things in common, they are:

1) They all carry two points on your driving record.

2) They are all priorable - meaning they can double your punishment in the future.  

3) They all carry nasty fines.

You should never plead guilty to one of these charges.  At a minimum you should carefully study all of the consequences that can occur were you to plead guilty.  These include both present and future.

We have handled a significant number of these cases and know how to avoid all the pitfalls that come with them. If you have been cited for driving on a suspended license - suspended for whatever reason - you should call us for a free evaluation of your case.  It's free.