Arrest or bench warrants are issued for many reasons including but not limited to: Failure to appear in Court; failure to pay a fine; failure to do something that was part of your probation; or because the Police or the DA suspect you of a crime.

Some people may never know that an arrest/bench warrant is out for them, some have a very good idea.  In either case you should do everything in your power to take care of such a warrant.  We have seem too many clients spend considerable amount of time in jail, which could have been avoided, because they simply ignored the arrest/bench warrant.  If you have an outstanding arrest/bench warrant for any of the aforementioned reasons please call us right away at, (415) 378-4133, we can help you avoid unnecessary jail time!

We had a client who had an arrest warrant and was picked up on it while he was out of state.  He spent a total of seven days in jail before he was released.  This could have been completely avoided had he call us sooner.  Don't let this happen to you!

If you have a: San Francisco arrest/bench warrant; Oakland arrest/bench warrant; a Marin arrest bench warrant; a Richmond arrest/bench warrant; a Hayward