On Wednesday the CHP began it's maximum enforcement of DUI violators in the San Francisco Bay Area. As of Friday a total of 87 People had been arrested for driving under the influence in San Francisco or the San Francisco Bay Area.  This number was up from the total number of arrest last year - 83.

If you drive during the holidays it is best to avoid drinking at all.  Many arrests may be made at the legal limit, or just slightly above ( another words your self assessment about your ability to safely drive after just a few drinks, could get you in trouble).  The best course of action to take during these San Francisco CHP maximum DUI enforcement periods is to avoid drinking and driving at any level.

For those of you that were unfortunate enough to drive and be arrested for a San Francisco DUI, Oakland DUI or Marin DUI, we can help.  There are many defenses available and one should not plead guilty to a DUI in Marin, San Francisco or Oakland simply because the alcohol result was high.  Everyone should investigate their case and talk to a San Francisco DUI Attorney before making that decision.

Don't forget that you must contact the DMV within 10 days of your arrest in order to try and prevent the suspension of your license.  Make sure that you do not call the regular DMV office, but instead call the San Francisco or Oakland DMV Driver Safety Office depending on your location of arrest.  You will also need a San Francisco, Oakland or Marin DMV Attorney in order to prevent the suspension of your license!