If you have received a speeding ticket on the golden gate bridge, you really need to make sure that you are represented. The reason is that the majority of the speeding ticket issued on the Golden Gate Bridge Are issued on the Marin County side.  Marin County has a policy of suspending licenses for speeding on the Golden Gate Bridge.  So, if your license has any value for you, you better be ready to protect yourself.

We have always argued that the Golden Gate Bridge is a speed trap.  This is due to the speed limit being set below the 85% and not being properly justified.  Recently, a Marin Commissioner finally agreed with the argument of a fellow Counselor on this issue, giving teeth to our argument.

The CHP conducts serious speed enforcement on the Golden Gate Bridge.  This is their way of trying to reduce the number of potential accidents that can occur on the bridge.  The weapon of choice is their Lidar units. 

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