San Mateo County has several cities that operate red light cameras.  The tickets will, depending on which city you received your citation, go to either the Redwood City Court house (San Mateo Superior Court - Southern Branch Traffic Division), San Mateo Court house (San Mateo Superior Court - Central Branch Traffic Division) or the South San Francisco Court house (San Mateo Superior Court - Northern Branch Traffic Division).  All three branches have different Commissioners assigned.

It is a good idea to try and gather information on the Commissioners as they are the ones that will be making the ultimate decision of guilt or innocence.  We also highly advise against representing yourself on a San Mateo red light camera case, the objections that must be timely and properly raised are difficult, even for Attorneys.  If you have been cited for a red light camera violation anywhere in the County of San Mateo and are looking for a San Mateo County Red Light Camera Attorney, I urge you to call us at (415) 378-4133 or visit our official website at: