4 Red lIght Camera Ticket Victories in one day!!!

On August 9, 2010, our office represented three clients on Oakland Red Light Camera cases, and one client on a San Francisco Red Light Camera case.  Results = NOT GUILTY on all four!

If you have been cited for a Red Light Camera Ticket anywhere in Oakland, San Francisco or the Bay Area, call us, we can help!

Lastly, our as we continue to grow, by popular demand, we are happy to announce our newest websites:
FremontTrafficAttorneys.com, in response to Alameda County moving all Pleasanton and Hayward cases to the Fremont Court!  HaywardDUILawyer.com SanRafaelTrafficAttorney.com, VallejoTrafficAttorney.com

Remember, don't let your insurance rates go up or allow your license to get suspended, FIGHT YOUR TICKETS!!!!