The city of South San Francisco is the latest city to acquire and install red light cameras.  The move follows several other cities that have already installed cameras and are seeing the profits of such program.  The problem is profits at what cost?  South San Francisco red light camera tickets are much like the others you may receive in some other city that has installed these devices.  They are a money making machines.  One of the prevailing reasons is that in order to beat a South San Francisco Red Light camera ticket, a person must be well versed in Evidence law.  For most lay persons this is just not something that they can do.  It takes years to understand how to properly lay a legal objection in a trial.  The cases are beatable, but you must know the law and, how and when to object.

So, if you have been cited for a South San Francisco Red light camera ticket and are looking for a South San Francisco Red Light Camera Attorney or a San Mateo Red Light Camera Lawyer, look no further.   I can help you win your case.  Call me at (415) 378-4133 for a free consultation.