Yesterday I attended trial on a red light camera ticket out of Hayward.  I was successful in defending the case by negotiating the case down to a non-point violation.  I write this for two reasons 1) to explain why this was a good resolution 2) to comment on the number of people that I saw being cited.

So why is a non-pointer a good resolution.  The answer is simple, no matter how good your case is, there is always a chance that you can lose.  It is important to know when you have won.  The goal in all red light camera tickets - or any traffic ticket defense - is to get rid of any points you may earn and to not allow your insurance rates to go higher.  By resolving your case with a non-point violation, you can accomplish both goals.  If you are ever offered to resolve your Hayward red light camera ticket, San Leandro red light camera ticket, Newark red light camera ticket, Oakland red light camera ticket, Fremont red light camera ticket, Berkeley red light camera ticket, or Emeryville red light camera ticket, make sure and accept it.

Lastly, the number of people that I saw being charged with these red light camera tickets was astonishing.  Once again I must point out that these prosecution are prosecutions that are run by private corporations.  This is the first time in history that I know of that a private corporation is allowed to run the prosecution of our citizens.  This should be very disturbing, not only to you as a citizen but to the Judges that sit and allow these prosecutions to go on.

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